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The popular television show Dancing with the Stars puts the spotlight on dance and now you can become a ballroom dancing star by taking dance lessons at Fred Astaire Dance Studio. Located in Bedford Hills, NY, the studio proclaims, ‘walk in and dance out.’ Whether you’re a novice or experienced, you’ll enjoy the dance classes offered at one of the most famous dance schools in the area.

Serving the Westchester, NY area, the Bedford Hills, NY studio, you can take basic dance lessons or hone your dance skills in a fun, inviting, yet professional atmosphere. The dance school offers a wide variety of dance classes/dance lessons in all styles of dance including swing, salsa, ballroom dancing, wedding dances, Latin, tango, and much more. The dance lessons are offered for all ages and ability levels. Ballroom dancing is one of the special dances the studio highlights. It’s a dance for partners that combines elegance, poise, polished footwork, and beauty. In the ballroom dance class, couples learn the major steps and body movements and then are given the opportunity to glide across the dance floor to showcase their ballroom dancing expertise.

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If you live in the Westchester, NY area, call your local Bedford Hills studio at (914) 218-4466 for more information on their schedule of classes, local competitions, and dance parties. Expert dance instruction is provided by top-notch, experienced instructors who make the dance classes fun and easy. They introduce students to the basic elements of dance then advance to more intricate dance instruction.

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